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An Easy, Straightforward & Powerful Minisite

Mini Website is a minisite or microsite, that offers information on a company's specific product or service that can be published online as information or marketing base for the business. Mini Web is meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website or to complement an offline.

We create Mini-Websites that designed to improve customer engagement & business global presence, while seamlessly integrating into Social Media Marketing efforts.


This marketing trend is also great for people who want to advertise one time events, create online portfolios, or even for those just starting up a new business and want to introduce a new product. By having all your content in one place, it allows you to get to the point, and let users know exactly what you’re about.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with passionate, honest opinions and insight that takes their business performance to the next level.

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Most of the time, maybe that you just don't need a full website with tons of pages and information to show your visitors that need extra spending for the marketing setup. You may think that you just need a simple and straightforward website and not a complete package that includes a lot of features that you don't need at all to inform everyone about your business.




Sometimes you just need a single page website to market your services or products. While every business target and positioning is different, and different projects require different contents, this is often the situation for many of us. This is what can make single page websites/minisites so good and convenient.

Business Mini Website Includes:

- Mobile-Friendly Mini Website
- Single Page Categorised Minisite
- Ready Mobile Marketing Plugins
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Business Images & Video Gallery

- Social Media Marketing Tools
- Business Profile Copywriting
- Direct Contact & Chat Tools
- Business Location Map
- Visitors View Counter

- Business Subdomain
- Website Redirection
- Business QR Code
- System Consultation



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